FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Roofing solution:

  Different wave Roofing System.
  Standard Size.
  Different Attractive Colors.
  Protection Against UV & Long Duration in Roofing.
  Light weight
  Low initial Startup coast & very easy to transport

WHY FRP( Fiber Reinforced Polymer) used as Roofing Sheet ?
 ► Higher strength-to-weight ratio as compared other materials, such as Concrete, Metals & Thermoplastics.
 ► Very high resistance in alkaline environments & Zero corrosion.
 ► Non- Porous Surface & Water Proof.
 ► Protection Against ‘UV’.
 ► Long Time Duration.
 ► Light- Weight components are easier to install, requiring less Equipment, Time and Manpower coast.
 ► Low initial start-up coast. & Very easy to transport.